Roofing Contractor

Your roof is the primary barrier between the elements and everything you value. If your roof is compromised, moisture will seep in and gradually weaken your home’s structure. A roof that is not installed in the proper manner will endure considerable damage that will only worsen as time progresses.

This is precisely why it is so important to select an experienced Toledo roofing contractor for your roofing repairs and possible roof replacement. Here is a quick look at the top questions to ask prospective roofers.

1. Can you explain your roofing process?

You deserve to understand the roofer’s repair and replacement processes in-depth. If the roofing representative rushes through his or her response to this question or refuses to break down the process in layman’s terms, move on to the next candidate. Pay close attention to the type of equipment described in the response. If the company does not make use of the proper roofing aids, removing your damaged or degraded roof will prove unsafe, time-consuming or unnecessarily difficult.

The last thing you want is for a roofer to simply throw those aged shingles down into your yard, leaving nails and screws all over the place. Furthermore, the roofer should explain the underlayment and mats that will be placed below the shingles to enhance the structure’s protection against moisture.

2. What kind of timeline are we looking at?

Every roofer should detail the timeline for the repair or replacement. If the timeline provided is a general range as opposed to highly specific or if it extends beyond a reasonable amount of time, you are likely interacting with an inexperienced roofer.

3. Do you have insurance?

Roofers must be insured so injuries suffered on your property during the roofing project or damage caused to your property amidst the installation/repair are covered. The bottom line is accidents can happen, regardless of whether your roof is sloped or flat.

You should not have to pay for such accidents. Do business with a fully insured roofer and you will rest easy knowing this business has a financial safety net in place to cover unexpected injuries and damage.

4. Can you tell me about your roofing team?

Listen closely to the response to this question. A roofer that explains his team is comprised of temporary employees or day laborers is a roofer to avoid. The best roofers have permanent, full-time employees with ample experience. These workers should understand all the challenges of roofing repairs and replacements.

Alternatively, if you opt for the lowest possible bid from a roofer with temporary or day laborers, you will end up with inferior workmanship that leads to a short roof lifespan and subsequent repairs.

5. Can you provide references?

Elite roofers provide references from current and former clients. Ask previous customers about the contractor’s work, timeliness, professionalism and whether the job was completed on time. Do not hesitate to check out one of the roofer’s current projects on-site. This in-person visit will give you an idea as to how the roofing team approaches projects and whether they produce high-quality work.