Both Sides of Large Paintings
  1. Adding artifacts to a large painting is an excellent way to make the piece look bigger. If you have a large painting, it is best to place them on either side. The artifacts should create a story and should be well balanced and complementary to the large painting. If you want to add decorative pieces to a larger painting, you can place smaller paintings on either side. You can also place portraits on either side of a large painting.
  2. If you’re hanging a large painting, it’s important to choose the right size for the space. If the artwork is smaller, consider placing it on the opposite side of the wall. A small piece of art can balance the larger piece, so a larger painting will make it look more balanced. If the art piece is larger than half the sofa’s width, consider using mirrors, sconces, or another decor.
  3. When hanging a large painting, choose pieces of art that complement the colors and lines of the artwork. Use colorful pieces to contrast with geometric designs and wavy art. Avoid placing larger objects close to open windows, which will distract the eye from the painting. Try to arrange your decorations in a pattern that makes them fit with the painting. Then, move the painting to the other side of the room. You may want to reposition the painting to make it more attractive.
  4. When hanging a large painting, the right place to place it is where it can create a balance in the space. You may want to place a statue on the other side, or a bust on the opposite wall. A portrait is a good way to make a room look more balanced. An eye-level painting will allow viewers to focus on it without looking at the other artwork. A large portrait is an ideal place for a piece of art.
  5. Whether you are hanging a small painting or a large canvas, you should keep in mind that a gallery wall should have some sort of balance between horizontal and vertical pieces. In addition to horizontal pieces, you can also put smaller ones on either side of a large painting. Ideally, a piece of art should be centered on the walls and should be at least eight inches away from the bottom of the furniture.